Hokkaido University “Program for Promoting the Enhancement of Research Universities”- Contributing towards the resolution of Global Issues -

In September 2013, Hokkaido University was adopted as a target organization of support through the FY 2013 Program for Promoting the Enhancement of Research Universities.

The purpose of the Program is to support efforts to enhance research skills by combining the securing/utilization of research management personnel (including research administrators) to be in charge of research strategies and intellectual property management in the university with intensive research environment reforms.

Hokkaido University raised three pillars as measures to enhance research skills.

Enhancement of university power

  1. Promotion of the diversity of personnel

    Establishment of a system to allow active involvement of diverse personnel, including young, female and non-Japanese researchers

  2. Creation of advanced research achievements and dissemination of such achievements to the world

    Securing of time for excellent researchers and expansion of international joint research through cooperation among organizations

  3. Enhancement of cooperation with society for solution of issues

    Promotion of the solution of social issues through large-scale interorganizational university-industry cooperation and interdisciplinary research

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