• Kakenhi supports the bottom up projects proposed by researchers in all research areas from Humanities & Social Science, Medicine, Life and Natural Sciences, Applied Sciences and Engineering


  • There are several types of Kakenhi, which varies in the size of the research group, in the budget amount, in the duration of the project period, and in the age of the Pincipal Investigator, PI.


  • Being a PI of Kakenhi funded project is considered as be one evidence which shows that you are the independent PI. 




  • Call for proposal for Kakenhi starts September 1st and ends early November.


  • There are official websites for Kakenhi by JSPS, which includes application formats, guidelines, evaluation criteria, the list of past referees.





  • Hokudai also offers various tools and assistance programs to enhance our researchers to obtain Kakenhi.  For those, please read “Campus Authentication” page or consult with the personnel in charge of Kakenhi at you affiliated departments. 







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